Business IntelligenceEdit

Provide executives with real-time access to vital business intelligence data specifically tapping the device's cameras for mobile videoconferencing.

Email AccessEdit

Access work email remotely

Network Drive AccessEdit

Access files from corporate network drives remotely


Tablet is easier and more convenient for the display of videos rather than laptop. A gadget produced by KanexPro allows the conversation of HDMI to VGA for projectors that do not have a digital input. The tablet shows PowerPoints and display graphics / video effortlessly.

Medical SalesEdit

Improved presentations to doctors can be a primary use for such devices in Medical Sales.

Video Reports to ClientsEdit

Includes Adobe Flash that plays Windows Media Files, which can be used for video reports to clients

Transfer FilesEdit

Transfer several video files during meetings to other participants’ computers. The ability to directly address the internal memory of the Xoom tablet without any special peripheral cables or software makes it a simple task.

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